Four Fall-Prep Tips To Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter


Fall is one of the best seasons of the year. In many parts of the country, it's warm enough to enjoy time outside, yet cool enough to keep you comfortable. However, if there is any downside, it has to be the fact that the harsh cold of winter is just around the corner. Take advantage of this cold weather delay to ensure your heating system is ready for the season.

18 October 2019

What To Know About Your Home's Air Conditioner


When it comes to your home's air conditioning system, you probably don't give it much thought until it stops working. However, a functional air conditioner is a must when temperatures start to rise. In fact, a broken air conditioning system can make your home extremely uncomfortable to be in during the hotter months of the year. In order to keep your system in working order, there are a few things to keep in mind.

21 August 2019

Sweating It Out In An Air Conditioned Home? 3 Potential Repair Issues To Explore


Homeowners who find themselves feeling more and more uncomfortable inside their air conditioned home over the course of the summer should not feel alone. The fact is, any air conditioning system can develop repair issues that will leave the occupants of the home feeling sweaty and increasingly uncomfortable. If your family is currently experiencing this type of problem inside your home, here are three potential air conditioning repair issues you may be facing.

31 July 2019

Whats Wrong With My Furnace? Common Cold Air Problems


Imagine you and your children are sitting at home on a lazy winter day. You are probably enjoying hot chocolate and reading books together, not thinking at all of how your home is being heated. Unfortunately, furnace problems are all too common, with heating repair companies being called out in the middle of many a night to rescue a freezing family. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify exactly what the problem is with your furnace; you just know your home is cold.

25 June 2019

Are You In Need Of AC Repairs?


Depending on where you live, your area may be known for harsh winters, but the area may be prone to hot, humid summers as well. Even if you don't live in an area that has unforgiving winters, you could live in an area that has sweltering summers. Whatever the case may be, you want to ensure that you are prepared to survive the hot summer. In order to do so, you need an air conditioner that is operating properly and efficiently.

23 May 2019

How to Be a Better Customer for Your AC Technician


Air conditioning maintenance is an important part of providing climate control in a place of business or a house. Even the best systems on the planet are going to eventually demand the attention of an AC service technician. If you want to know what you can do to be the best customer possible, here are some tips. Understand the Basic Components Developing some understanding of the top-level design of an air conditioning system will allow you to communicate more competently with professionals.

16 April 2019

Ready For Spring? Put This AC Cleaning Job On Your List First


With spring just around the corner, you may already have a long list of things you need to do around your house. But the first thing you should put on your list is cleaning your outdoor AC unit (condenser). Plants can grow close to or over the condenser unit during the fall, winter, and spring. If you don't do something about your condenser unit now, it might not work properly when summer arrives.

28 February 2019