Six Things You Should Know When You're Having Your Old Furnace Replaced


Choosing a replacement furnace is a big decision because furnaces last a long time. An average furnace will last around 16 to 20 years. Here are six few important things you need to know when your furnace should be replaced in order to choose the best option for your household. It's a good idea to have your entire HVAC system inspected when you're replacing your furnace. If you have your HVAC contractor perform an inspection of your entire HVAC system, you can look out for any HVAC service needs in your household that will enhance furnace operation.

16 March 2021

Problems With the Blower Can Cause Ice to Form on Your Air Conditioner


A common problem with an air conditioner is when the unit freezes. It looks odd to see ice on an AC, but several things can cause this problem. One of the causes of ice on your AC is a bad blower fan. Here's how to tell if the fan in your blower is bad and the repairs that might need to be done. Signs of a Bad Blower Fan When the blower isn't working properly, your AC probably won't put out as much air as it should.

8 February 2021

Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Freezing


An air conditioner is designed to cool your house, but it is not to designed to cool your house until it freezes up. If you notice that the outside of your unit or the interior coils have frost or ice built up on them, then you are dealing with a freezing issue. As a homeowner, it is a good idea to not only check for this issue regularly but to also understand what causes this particular problem and how to remedy the situation.

4 January 2021

Three Steps To Better Heating Maintenance


Despite the fact that most modern heating systems are remarkably durable, there still remains quite a bit of maintenance that the average homeowner needs to perform on a regular basis to ensure that their system lasts as long as possible. Regular maintenance, along with prompt repairs of any problems, will also ensure that your heating system runs as efficiently as possible through the cold winter months. Fortunately, it isn't that difficult to keep up with heating maintenance; in most cases, some of the most basic things that need to be done can be performed by the average homeowner.

27 November 2020

3 Things You Need To Know About Heating Repair


Even the most advanced heaters will require repair on occasion. There are a few key signs that heating repair is necessary. If you notice any strange smells, unusual sounds, or if your heater is just not working very well, these are signs that you need to seek out the services of a professional as soon as possible. When it comes to heating repair, there are a few things that you may not know.

23 October 2020

Furnace Troubleshooting To Solve Problems That Have Been Neglected Since Last Winter


Since last winter, you have probably not thought much about the heating system, and there may still be problems that need to be fixed. The furnace troubles need to be solved before you really need your heating system. The following problems could be some of the heating repairs that you have neglected since last winter. Thermostat problems to repair before winter — The thermostat may be one of the first areas where you want to check for problems.

23 September 2020

Never Ignore Your Refrigeration System


When you work in the food industry, there are some major systems that you are going to need to stay on top of. You can't risk foregoing the annual servicing and inspections, and you have to have any issues repaired immediately. You can learn more about some of the problems that can come from ignoring your refrigeration system in the following content. You might not pass inspection Health inspectors have a knack for showing up at the worst possible times.

19 August 2020

3 Times You Need A Professional To Take Care Of Your Furnace


There are some furnace issues you can take care of on your own, light relighting the pilot light if you have a gas-powered furnace or changing out the air filter. There are other types of repairs and situations though where you should call in a professional to take care of your furnace. The key is to know what type of situations require the assistance of a professional. Time #1: Strange Smells

22 July 2020

How To Choose The Right HVAC Contractors For Your Air Conditioning Repair


Whether you're interested in an air conditioning installation or an air conditioning repair, finding the right contractor to handle the job can be a challenge. These tips will help you cut through the competition to find HVAC contractors for your air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance needs. Get Estimates From at Least Three Contractors This allows you to learn about the different price rates out there and compare services included within these quotes.

18 June 2020

Placement Tips for a Portable Air Conditioner


If you are shopping for a portable air conditioner, you'll need to consider where you'll place the unit. Incorrect placement can lead to inefficient cooling, poor drainage, and energy inefficiency, among other issues. Here are some of the things to consider when determining your AC's placement.  1. Venting Considerations Your portable AC needs to get the hot air out of the house for it to cool the house. A typical AC comes with a hose or two hoses for venting purposes.

12 May 2020