Never Ignore Your Refrigeration System


When you work in the food industry, there are some major systems that you are going to need to stay on top of. You can't risk foregoing the annual servicing and inspections, and you have to have any issues repaired immediately. You can learn more about some of the problems that can come from ignoring your refrigeration system in the following content.

You might not pass inspection

Health inspectors have a knack for showing up at the worst possible times. If you are having an issue with your refrigeration unit, then there's a good chance this will be the time the health inspector will show up at your business. When they find that your refrigeration is having an issue, they can write it up as a code violation. As you know, you don't want too many of these, and they aren't hard to get. Also, if the issue is a serious one, then they can even deem it a critical violation, which is a more serious matter. Having the system routinely serviced and looked at when there are any issues that come up can keep things like this from happening. 

You may be putting your customers at risk

If the refrigeration is not keeping the food as cool as it is supposed to, then you will be increasing the chances of the food not being healthy to feed your patrons. You do not want to serve people food when there is even a slight chance that it may make them sick. If there are issues going on with the refrigeration and you aren't sure exactly what parts of the refrigeration system may be affected, then you won't even know if the food is at risk or not. This is why it's so important for you to have someone come out who can professionally check the system over and who will be able to repair any and all of the issues that are going on with it. 

You may end up with costly losses

If you don't have an issue that's going on with your refrigeration system looked at right away because you feel it is just a minor issue, you can end up coming in one day to find that the minor issue had become a much more serious issue, and now you have a bunch of food that you can't guarantee is safe for human consumption, so it all needs to be tossed out and replaced. Throwing out such a large amount of food will be costly no matter what it is just because of the volume alone. However, if you had expensive foods in the refrigerator you now need to replace, then you can be looking at a huge sum of money to replace everything. When you consider having a repair person come out to take care of what would have been a simple fix, you may find yourself very angry with your decision.

To learn more, contact a refrigeration contractor.


19 August 2020

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