3 Furnace Noises That Should Be A Cause For Concern


Your furnace is far from a quiet machine; during its regular course of operation, it is going to make a wide range of different noises. There are, however, some noises you need to be aware of, as they are a sign your furnace needs repairs.

High-Pitched Whining

If your furnace starts to make a high-pitched whining sound that almost hurts your ears when you hear it, you shouldn't continue to use your furnace. A high-pitched whining sound is usually caused by damage to an old part of your furnace. A part may have detached from where it should be. Or, a part may have expanded, causing other parts to rub against it.

A worn-out blower belt and a loose shaft bearing are two types of damage which can be a result of a high-pitched whining sound. This type of sound means some part is damaged in your furnace, and if you continue to run your furnace, the damage will more than likely get worse.

Banging Sound

If it sounds like someone is knocking on your front door, but every time you open the front door, no one is there, the sound may be coming from your furnace. Banging sounds most often emit from a furnace when some of the nuts, bolts, or screws on the furnace have become undone. When a nut, bolt, or screw comes loose, oftentimes, the large shield or cover that it was holding in place becomes loose as well. Then, that part will vibrate against whatever it fell against, creating a banging noise.

The first thing you should do in this type of situation is shut down the furnace and tighten up all the nuts, bolts, and screws that you can see and access. If that doesn't stop the noise, it is time to call in a professional to get into the internal components of your furnace and figure out what is loose inside the furnace.

Although you may be able to get away with running your furnace for a day or two when it makes a banging sound, you should get it inspected as soon as possible.

Wheezing Noise

If your furnace sounds like it is out of breath after running a long race, the most likely culprit is your air filter. When the air filter becomes all clogged up, not enough air is able to get through the filter, which can make your furnace sound like it is gasping for air.

This is generally an easy fix. You just need to switch out your air filter. This is something you should do every few months. If you don't know how to switch out your air filter, have your furnace technician teach you so you can take care of this task on your own.

If your furnace starts to make noises that you can't explain, get a technician in as soon as possible to look at your furnace and fix it up. It is best to minimize your usage of the furnace until you can figure out what is happening.

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4 March 2020

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