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When you go in your home you want to know it is as safe as it feels. You can keep your home clean and make sure you do your part to prevent problems by having the plumbing maintenance and having any possible electrical problems quickly looked into. However, there is an invisible and silent threat in your home that you want to make sure you are protecting your family against. Bad air quality happens in a home for a lot of reasons. While you may think you are doing great by using green soap to clean your sinks and floors, there are still many threats out there. Here is information on poor air quality in a home, so you know how to improve the indoor air quality and are aware of other helpful information:

Why is good indoor air quality so important?

Your family spends a lot of time indoors and the air in the area you are in is all you will be breathing. If the air quality is bad, then this can be detrimental to your health. Just how bad the air quality can be to your health will depend on what is wrong with it, specifically. For example, if you have a lot of dust and pollen in the air, then those who have issues like allergies or asthma can end up having a hard time with their symptoms. However, if you have things like mold spores, then these can lead to health problems for everyone, especially those who already have respiratory issues. Then, there are other toxins and particles from chemicals or other items that can lead to long term health risks like an increased chance of cancer or other illnesses.

What can affect the air quality?

There are countless things that can cause bad air quality. However, in your home, there are some common things that can lead to that bad air quality. Smoke from nicotine products is a very bad contributor to the air quality. There can be things in building materials that also contribute to bad air quality. Toxins from fireplaces and fuel burning appliances also add to bad air quality. Then, there are those things that come in from the outside and add to the problem.

What can be done about air quality in the home?

You want to make sure you watch for signs of mold and have mold issues taken care of immediately. Make sure no one smokes in the house. Keep the windows closed on bad air quality days and on windy days during allergy season. Don't use anything with chemicals when there are green options. Make sure the fireplace flu is cleaned before you use it each year. Keep your HVAC filter cleaned and make sure you clean the ducts periodically to remove dust and other particles. A clean HVAC filter is very important because it helps to keep the air clean.


25 November 2019

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