Sweating It Out In An Air Conditioned Home? 3 Potential Repair Issues To Explore


Homeowners who find themselves feeling more and more uncomfortable inside their air conditioned home over the course of the summer should not feel alone. The fact is, any air conditioning system can develop repair issues that will leave the occupants of the home feeling sweaty and increasingly uncomfortable. If your family is currently experiencing this type of problem inside your home, here are three potential air conditioning repair issues you may be facing. 

Coolant level issues 

Central air conditioning systems are designed to be closed systems that cycle the refrigerant between the components without depleting coolant levels. Because of this, most systems never need additional coolant. However, if a leak develops, coolant levels will slowly be reduced. In this situation, an A/C system will continue to cycle and move air, but it will no longer succeed in cooling the home as it should.  

Additional signs of a potential loss of coolant include hearing a hissing noise when standing near the components or seeing the formation of frost or ice on the coils. Homeowners who suspect a coolant leak in their home's cooling system can have a pressure test and necessary repairs performed by a qualified air conditioning service technician. 

System size issues

If the cooling problem has occurred immediately after changes have been made in the home or a new system has been installed, the problem may be caused by a system size issue. Homeowners who have made significant changes in their home, especially those that include adding square footage or making design changes capable of changing air flow patterns, may find themselves facing this type of cooling challenge. 

Another potential cause for the development of cooling issues related to size is if an old air conditioning system has been recently replaced by one that is too large or too small for the home. Homeowners who suspect a potential size issue with their cooling system should discuss the possibility with a trusted air conditioning service and repair technician who can help them evaluate the current system and decide if it is correctly sized. 

Damaged or leaking ducts

Another common reason for a sudden loss of cool comfort inside the home is damage to the ducts that may have resulted in leaks or a blockage that interferes with air flow. Homeowners look for exterior damage to their ducts by visually inspecting them but it may also be necessary to have an air conditioning repair technician check for blocked ducts or other issues that are may not be easily seen during a visual inspection. 


31 July 2019

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