Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?


Your HVAC system helps keep your home comfortable during hot and cold weather, but even with regular maintenance, no HVAC system lasts forever. If you believe your HVAC system may need to be replaced, or you've spotted signs of damage, check out these three questions to help you determine if you really do need to replace your system.

Is Your System Showing Signs of Damage or Age?

There are many red flags that indicate something may be wrong with the system. One common problem is that the system just stops working. If your system can't keep up with your demands and you are frequently needing repairs, it may be time to ditch it for something new. Other signs include strange odors and sounds and rooms that are too hot or cold. A licensed HVAC installations technician will be the best person to determine if the problems can be corrected with a repair or if a total replacement is necessary.

How Old Is the Current System?

One major factor that determines whether or not the system should be replaced or repaired is the age. A typical HVAC system may last about 10 or 15 years, and like most major appliances, they lose efficiency and effectiveness as they age. If your system is still new but needs frequent repairs, it may indicate something is faulty with the unit. Similarly, if your system is 12 years old or more, it may be a waste of money to continue paying for repairs. However, if your system is about 8 years old, a few repairs here and there may be what the system needs to keep working well for another few years.

How Well Have You Maintained the Overall System?

Another consideration is how much maintenance you've performed. On average, the more work you put into maintaining the system, the longer it lasts, but just as importantly, the longer it keeps working efficiently. A HVAC system should be professionally maintained regularly and the unit cleaned and lubricated. However, you should also be keeping the filter clean and having the vents cleaned when necessary. If you haven't done much maintenance and the system suddenly needs frequent repairs, it may simply be early wear and tear, so a new system may be the more cost-effective choice.

When your HVAC system is on the fritz, it's frustrating, especially if you have to spend more money on repairs. However, if your system is old and in constant need of attention, you may actually be wasting money on all those repairs. To have your system checked, maintained, and cleaned, contact a HVAC technician in your area today.


27 August 2018

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Hello, my name is Cece. Welcome to my site about HVAC repair and equipment replacement. The heating and air conditioning systems at my place of business were always failing at the most inopportune times. After bringing in a professional to take a look at the problem, we learned that the components were exhibiting signs of extreme wear. We decided to perform an equipment upgrade to restore the functionality of our HVAC system. The HVAC repairs fully solved the problem in very little time. I will use this site to talk about similar repairs you might need to complete on your own HVAC systems. Thanks for coming by.