Comfort And Cell Service — Addressing Two Problems In Metal Buildings


Pre-engineered metal buildings have become more popular over the years. They provide homeowners an affordable option to add a lot of storage or workspace to their property. Unfortunately, these buildings do have some problems that will need your attention. Here, you'll find out what those are.

Heating and Cooling

Metal buildings do get very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter. The following are some options to heat and cool the space.

Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning – These units can be installed directly in the wall or from the ceiling of your metal building. Instead of having to run duct work to spread the hot and cool air through the building, the ductless system forces it into the space.

Wood or Pellet Stove – Wood or pellet stoves can put off quite a bit of heat. Unfortunately, you're going to have to work for the heat produced by these stoves. Not only will the wood need to be split, but you'll have a lot of clean-up to do to keep up with the dust and soot that they produce.

Radiant Heat – Radiant heat systems can be installed under the floor or overhead. The overhead ceiling pans can heat things up quickly, but the flooring systems can take some time to heat up the space. If the flooring system is left on, it will maintain a steady, comfortable temperature in the space.

Poor Cellular Service

The metal building will make things difficult when you're trying to make and receive cell phone calls. The signals just cannot penetrate the metal building very well. You can try a few things to boost the cell phone signal in your metal building.

Cell Phone Boosters – This system requires an antenna to be installed on the roof of the building. This antenna is connected to small ports that are connected to the cell phone. This is not likely ideal for most people as you'll have to remain tied to the port to maintain the cell signal.

Repeater System – A repeater system may be the solution. The system has three components — an antenna, an amplifier, and a broadcaster unit. The antenna picks up the signal, sends it to the amplifier, and broadcasts the signal within the metal building.

These options can help to make the building more usable throughout the year. Keep yourself cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and capable of contacting the outside world by making these changes.


20 June 2018

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