Problems With Your Air Conditioning System? You May Have A Problem With Water Intrusion


If you are having problems with your air conditioning system, one problem that can cause this is water intrusion. Water intrusion is simply water leaking. The water may be leaking inside the unit or may be coming from inside to the outside. Over time this water can cause a lot of damage if the leakage is not taken care of. Below are two reasons why you have water intrusion with your air conditioning system and what you can do about it.

Reasons for Water Intrusion

Below are some reasons why your air conditioning system may have water intrusion:

Chilled Water Piping Problems

An air conditioning system has many parts that allow it to run effectively to cool your home. If the system you use for your home uses a chilled water system this may be where the water is coming from. Chilled water systems work much like HVAC systems that use refrigerant, the only difference is water is used instead.  Some homeowners are turning to this type of system instead of using a traditional air conditioning system.

The pipes used for the chilled water are insulated. If your pipes are leaking, some of the insulation may have come off, which can cause damage to the exposed pipes. There could be a crack on the pipes. No matter the reason, never try to fix this problem on your own as chilled water systems can be very complex.

Condensation Drains

Inside the air conditioning unit is an evaporator coil with an air handler above it. When the system is running, the air handler cools the air as it forms on the evaporator coil. The moisture from the evaporator coil flows through a condensation drain line, which is generally a PVC pipe. This drain line comes out of the side of the lower unit near the ground.

Over time, the condensation line can become clogged with things like algae, mold, mildew, dirt, or other debris. If this happens water backs up inside the unit causing great damage. Water can also back up inside your home causing even more damage.

You can try to clean the condensation drain line to fix this problem. A wet/dry vacuum is commonly used. Put the tube from the vacuum inside the drain line and turn the wet dry vac on. It will suck the clog from the drain line. An HVAC contractor has a special vacuum that they use to fix this type of problem.

Contact an HVAC contractor in your area to come to your home to get your air conditioning system back to working normally again. 


8 January 2018

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