About Obtaining More Energy Efficiency From Your Central Heater


Are you determined to cut down on the energy costs for warming up your business establishment on cold days? There are a few different things that you should focus your attention on improving, in addition to getting maintenance for the central heating system. Keep in mind that the heater will only be efficient when air does not seep in and out of your building. This article has information that can help you work towards gaining more efficiency from your central heating system.

Consider the Quality of the Windows

The windows in your building are important for the energy efficiency of your building. Ask a contractor to inspect the condition of the windows so you will know if they should be replaced or not. Older windows that have thin panes make it easy for air to come in and out of the building. Opt for double panes or at least single panes of thick glass. 

Get Your Building Inspected for Rodent Holes

Holes in the walls are one of the common things that can affect the efficiency of a central heating system. If your building has ever had rodents, it is a possibility that they made holes in the walls. It is wise to hire a contractor to thoroughly inspect each wall in your building in case repairs are needed. He or she can simply fill the holes in with putty to prevent air seepage.

Pay a Professional to Inspect the Gas Lines

If your system runs off of a gas furnace, it is important for gas to properly flow through the lines. Make sure the lines are in good shape by getting them inspected by a contractor. If any gas has been seeping out of the lines, it can interfere with the efficiency of your heating system. You might smell the odor of gas if there is a leak, but might not smell anything if only small amounts leak out. Damaged gas lines should be replaced promptly because they are dangerous and can cause an explosion.

Make Sure Your Heating System is in Order

Occasional inspections for your heating system are necessary if you want it to run efficiently. The air handler should be inspected to make sure the fan and motor are fully functional. You should also get the filter and air ducts thoroughly cleaned so air can flow through the system as it should. Investing in system maintenance every now and then can also keep it durable without you having to worry about untimely repairs. Get in touch with a contractor to find more info.


20 October 2016

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