3 Heating And Air Conditioning Improvements To Reduce Utility Bills All Year Long


Depending on the season, you may hear about one type of improvement or another for your HVAC. These are usually improvements to make the AC more efficient or that focus on the heating systems. If you want to have all around energy improvements, you may want to focus on specific elements, such as the ductwork, energy audits or upgrading to a geothermal system. Here are a few HVAC upgrades that can benefit the heating and cooling of your home, for energy savings that last all year long:

1. Geothermal System Upgrades For Energy Savings With Heating And Cooling

Geothermal systems can be a great improvement to your home and can include a heat exchanger that is a ground loop. This is a loop of pipe that is buried deep in the ground to exchange energy to provide AC and heating with a medium temperature to reduce HVAC energy costs. This is a simple, but sometimes costly, improvement to have done. The benefit of this type of system is that it gives you a more conventional HVAC with substantial energy savings and the ground loops rarely fail and often outlast other conventional equipment.

2. Inspecting And Updating Ducts And Insulation To Reduce Energy Loos All Year

The ducts of your HVAC are another area that can contribute to energy loss. Sometimes, the ducts can be damaged and have insulation coming off them, especially in areas like crawl spaces where animals and other problems can damage them. It is a good idea to inspect and repair ducts to solve issues with energy loss. In addition, you may want to consider updating insulation on ducts to improve energy efficiency. There are other improvements that can be done too, such as encapsulating a crawl space or adding animal deterrents to an attic to protect ducts and other mechanical systems.

3. An Energy Audit To Find The Sources Of Major Energy Loss Issues In Your Home

An energy audit is a great way to improve your home. There are many different services that can do this for you, such as an HVAC service, home inspector or insulation contractor. This process will involve searching for air leaks in your home and mechanical systems as well as looking for mechanical problems that contribute to inefficiency and energy costs. One of the most common improvements that may be recommended can be insulating walls and stopping air leaks.

These are some energy improvements that focus on the heating and cooling to give you all-around performance, all year. If you are ready to improve your heating and air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with them about some of these improvements for your system. Check out websites like http://rbincorporated.com/ for more info.


19 August 2016

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