How Duct Obstructions Can Create Problems For Your Air Conditioning System


Your ducts allow your cooled air to reach all the parts of your home. Duct obstructions can make you think you have an air conditioner problem when you don't. Keeping your ducts free of obstructions not only allows your AC to function properly, it can also keep your AC from premature damage as well.

How Duct Obstructions Lower Your AC's Efficiency

When there's a blockage in your ducts, it creates an impediment for your air. That means the air you receive on the other end of that impediment will come out weaker than it should. Sometimes that impediment can block the air altogether.

When this happens, your AC will try to work harder to maintain the temperature set by your thermostat. This lowers the efficiency of your AC while also raising your utility bills. It defeats the whole purpose of an energy-efficient air conditioning system. It can also cause you to think your AC is malfunctioning when it really isn't.

How Duct Obstructions Can Damage Your AC

When your AC starts working harder to compensate for a duct obstruction, it puts a lot of extra wear and tear on its components. Your air conditioner has an expected life cycle. Proper usage and routine maintenance determines if your AC will meet that life expectancy. If your AC is constantly cycling or otherwise working extra hard more often than it should, then its lifecycle will shorten accordingly.

How Duct Obstructions Happen

There are various types of duct obstructions. Some can occur naturally, over time. Some others can occur due to a lack of maintenance or negligence. Here are some of the most common duct obstructions.

Damaged ductwork – If a part of the ductwork breaks, then that piece of duct itself can form the obstruction. Sometimes, broken ducts can cause you to lose your conditioned air altogether as it will escape from the break before it reaches your register. You should have your ducts inspected and repaired if you suspect or see you have damage.

Blocked registers – If you have furniture or anything else blocking your registers, it's the same as having an obstruction in the ductwork itself. Make sure you keep things from blocking your registers.

Dirty filters – Your filters can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. When this occurs, the filter itself becomes the obstruction. Make sure to keep your filters clean or replace them on a regular schedule.

Foreign objects – All types of items can become stuck in your ducts. Anything from children's toys to an insect colony can represent the thing that's blocking your ducts.

Many other things can become obstructions. If you're receiving less air, or if you notice signs of your AC working harder than it should, then it's possible you have a duct obstruction.

How You Can Deal With Duct Obstructions

The best way to prevent duct obstructions, or deal with them, is to have an air conditioning service give you a routine inspection. They will find any AC issues or duct issues that are lowering the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Contact a company like American Independent Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.   


13 April 2016

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