2 Simple AC Repairs


Is your air conditioner not as efficient as it once was? This in inevitable if you fail to service you're HVAC system. Many people wait until the problem gets severe and they call in the professionals. However, if you take care of your air conditioner, you can ensure that it remains fully operational and that you don't need to pay extensive HVAC repair bills. The key to keeping your air conditioner in top working order is to undertake the right preventative maintenance tasks. This article explains two simple AC repairs that you should undertake on a regular basis.

Removing Dirt from The Condenser

First, you should learn how to clean the condenser coils on the AC's exterior unit. The coils are easy to identify because they line the entire outside of the unit. They are guarded by thin aluminum sheets with tiny ridges. The ridges in these aluminum sheets will usually get dirty overtime. They are at increased risk of getting dirty and clogged if your unit is set near dirt, foliage or if you have pets. Whether your ridges are clogged by pet hair, dust or dirt, you want to clean them out on a regular basis. Cleaning the condenser coils is actually super simple. First, unplug or cut the power to the unit. Next, get a hose and simply spray down the ridges with a heavy stream of water. This will knock the majority of the dirt out of the ridges. Don't try to scrub the ridges because it can just end up bending them, causing a more severe problem. If there is stubborn dirt in your ridges, just use some car wash soap to help break it down.

Checking the Output Hose

Most condenser units will have a flexible hose that leads into the house. This hose eventually feeds into the duct system. The hose is between the wall and the condenser unit, but there is a good chance it can get moved, kinked, loosened or even chewed through by a rodent. Thoroughly inspect your hose to make sure there are no holes. It is a good idea to check it while the air conditioning is running, that way you will be able to feel if any air is leaking. If the hose clamps around the fitting are loose, you can either tighten them, or get an affordable replacement to change them completely. You might also want to consider reinforcing them with duct tape. If your hose is too torn up to repair with tape, just buy a new one. Remove the old hose by loosening the screws on the hose clamp. Take the old hose to the store to make sure you get a like for like replacement. Install the new hose by firmly fastening the hose clamp screws.

As you can see, these simple tasks will only take a few minutes. But if you neglect them, they could result in more costly and time consuming repairs. To learn more, contact a company like Absolute Air Conditioning & Heating.


15 March 2016

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