Some Options For Replacing Your Heater


If your heater is getting pretty old, then you can expect to see your heating expenses rise in the future. You might need to spend a little more on maintenance or the efficiency might just fall a bit, but you can easily end up in a situation where a replacement is more cost-efficient than just keeping the old heater. Here are some options that you can think about when deciding whether an upgrade is the right path for you:

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace is a fairly simple appliance, burning the natural gas that you probably have access to via a utility grid. This means that you basically have an inexhaustible supply of fuel, whereas you could potentially run out of propane or heating oil, forcing you to go out and buy more before running your heater.

Gas furnaces are most efficient in areas where the price of natural gas is very low. By comparing the amount of heat that you can get per dollar, you can easily see which type of fuel is best for you and whether a gas furnace is ideal. Of course, you will also need to think about the upfront prices of buying furnaces and installing them.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are small, mobile heaters that generate heat with less efficiency than you will get from a central heater. They also don't have the coverage of a heater with a ventilation system, but they also don't need a ventilation system to properly function.

This means that you can quickly set up a space heater and start feeling the heat within moments, whereas a central heater could take a lot longer to have a noticeable effect. Convection space heaters are great when it comes to heating up your room for long periods of time, since the heat will stick around long after the heater is turned off. Radiant heaters are better for delivering heat immediately, but don't necessarily keep things warm after being turned off.

Heat Pumps

Finally, a heat pump is a good choice if you are looking to consolidate your air conditioning and heating needs into a single appliance. Heat pumps are able to extract heat from the air inside your home and dump it outside (air conditioning) or vice versa (heating). On top of that versatility, heat pumps also boast exceptional efficiency in ideal conditions where the temperature inside your home is fairly close to the temperature outside.

However, when it becomes very cold outside and you want to heat your home with a heat pump, expect to pay a pretty penny, since your heat pump will need to work very hard to find heat in the cold winter air. Contact a business, such as Action Appliance Services, for more information.   


14 March 2016

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