Improve Your Business's Furnace Bill In 30 Minutes Or Less


If you have been running an inefficient furnace, you will often pay for it. Many commercial property owners just live with their higher utility bills without realizing that there are several possible ways to increase its effectiveness. You can talk with a professional, like J. P. Griffin Inc., to help you fix this problem. However, you don't need to be a construction expert or HVAC pro to perform many of the most basic maintenance tasks. You don't even need to waste that much time to improve the functionality of your furnace. This article explains how you might be able to fix your furnace, making it more energy efficient, in about 30 minutes.

Locating the Filter

The furnace is usually in a utility closet inside the building. The furnace filter is normally located right on the side of the furnace cabinet and it is easy to identify. Most furnace filter compartments can be opened via a small hinged door right in the front. You don't need any tools at all. Some furnace filters are inside the main cabinet, which means you need to remove the access door first. However, the main access door to the filter is usually removable with just a few screws. The furnace filter is quite large, but easy to remove. Just slide it out of the compartment.

Replacing the Filter and Cleaning the Compartment

If your filter has dirt and grime caked up on the ridges, your filter change was long overdue. Even if your filter is not too dirty, it is a good idea to replace it outright. You can get affordable filter furnaces at most home improvement and appliance stores. You want to clean your filter compartment before you put the new one in. You might need a flashlight to even see inside the compartment. The compartment leads to the engine fan, so it is important that there aren't any clogs in the output hose. You can try to suck the dirt out with a small vacuum hose attachment. You should also wipe down the sidewalls of the compartment with a wet rag. Any dust within the compartment can eventually get sucked into the motor, so it is definitely worth giving the entire compartment a thorough cleaning.

Once you replace the filter you should immediately run the heater or air conditioner. Make sure everything sounds right, and you will definitely notice better airflow throughout your commercial property. Not to mention, the air blowing throughout your system will be cleaner, which is helpful if you have allergy issues. Be sure to compare your utility bills after this task to ascertain the cause of the problem.


11 March 2016

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