Are You Having Trouble With Your AC Turning On?


If your AC hasn't been working lately, then you might have considered a replacement. However, you should check every possibility before you commit to such a significant investment. There are a lot of reasons why your AC might not be working, and some of them can be fixed with mere minutes of effort. To help you figure out whether you have a critical problem or a minor annoyance on your hands, here are some questions to consider:

Is your air conditioner getting power?

Your first concern should be making sure that power is actually getting to the air conditioner. This means that you need to look at two specific things: the circuit breaker and the power line to the air conditioner.

The circuit breaker is really easy to check, assuming you know where to look. The breaker box is likely on the outside of your house, but it might also be in the garage or in a closet. If the switches have not all been flipped, then some parts of your house are probably not receiving power. If you are lucky, then the switches have already been labelled, indicating the corresponding area of your home.

If the circuit breaker looks fine, then you want to take a look at the power line for the air conditioner. The majority of the line will likely be inside your walls, which means that it will be almost impossible to access. What you can look at is the portion of the line that is between the wall and the air conditioner. If it is obviously frayed or damaged, then you will likely need to get it replaced.

How old is your air conditioner?

On the other hand, your air conditioner might just be getting old. Individual components can wear down, and the failure of a single component can cause the entire system to fail.

If your AC is more than a decade old, then the chances are pretty good that some parts are going to break soon. A broken sensor will prevent the AC from turning on and generating cold air at the proper times, a broken condenser could prevent the AC from cooling any air at all, and a broken fan could prevent that cold air from entering the ventilation and being distributed throughout your home.

When opening up your AC, you might be able to instantly recognize that something is wrong. If something appears to be clearly damaged, then you will need to either buy a replacement or get some AC repairs done. In either case, the advice of a professional can be very helpful, which means that you might want to consider a consultation.


10 March 2016

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