Keeping Cool While Your AC Unit Is Being Serviced


If your AC unit poops out during the summer, this can be a real bummer. Sometimes AC servicing cannot be done right away or parts might be on order. Your family doesn't need to suffer without the relief of air conditioning. Here are four things that your can do to stay cool while you are waiting for your air conditioning to be back in action.

1. Plan a Mini Vacation

If you live in an area where the weather is unbearable in the summer, it might be time to flee your home while you are waiting for AC rescue. See if your family can stay at a nearby hotel or with friends or relatives for the time period that your air conditioning unit is being serviced or replaced. Don't forget about pets. They can come along or be put in a kennel so they have relief as well.

2. Set Up a Backyard Party

If your home is just too hot but there is shade and breeze outside, it might be time to move your family outside until the evening comes or your AC is fixed. Investing in misters that can come down from patio awnings can help combat the heat. Setting up a larger above ground pool can make the yard fun for kids and help cool everyone down.

3. Borrow and Invest in Fans

Getting the air flowing in your home while your AC is down will be key. Get all of your ceiling fans going and try to bring in as many oscillating and floor fans that you can. If you don't want to buy these for your entire house, borrow from friends and family during your hot weather emergency.

4. Be Conscientious of Your Home Habits

You might not even notice the day-to-day things you do that can heat up your home while your air conditioner tries to cool things down. Be sure to close all of your blinds during midday heat waves when sun may be shining in your home. If your AC is on the fritz, don't run the dryer, the dishwasher's drying cycle, or bake.

Once you are back in action, you have have even picked up a few new habits to give your AC unit a break. Remember that regular servicing of your air conditioning unit can help avoid AC problems when you need this the most. In the meantime, keep cool and try to get through your air conditioning repairs as smoothly as possible. To learn more, contact a company like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric


8 March 2016

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