How Do Your Interior Doors Affect Your Air Conditioning?


If you're responsible for paying the electric bill in your home, you probably get pretty upset if someone leaves the front or back porch door open while the air conditioner is running. But did you ever think about how your interior doors might affect how well your air conditioner performs? Here's what you should know.

Your Air Conditioner is a Giant Vacuum

Your air conditioner is a giant vacuum that pulls in heat. While it sends out cold air through a vent in each room, that air doesn't come out of nowhere.

Hot air is pulled from your home to be cooled by your air conditioner. Usually, there is just a single intake vent for your entire home that pulls in the air.

This vent is pretty powerful and can pull hot air from throughout your home, so it's fine to only have one. However, when a door is shut, the hot air inside of that room is trapped inside.

Dust and Allergens Are Also Trapped

Hot air isn't the only thing that stays in a closed room. In addition to cooling, your air conditioner also filters the air.

While you may see dust build up on your furniture if you haven't dusted in a while, there are actually many more microscopic particles throughout your home. These particles are usually so small that they get picked up in the air when your air conditioner is running.

Normally, they would be pulled into the intake vent and get trapped by your filter. When a room is closed off, the dusty air isn't pulled out.

Pressure Build Ups Can Decrease Efficiency

Trapped hot air isn't the only thing that happens when a door is closed. Because the air vent for that room is still open, the amount of air in that room increases when the air conditioner runs. This makes the room's pressure rise.

While it's something that will never reach the level of causing you physical discomfort, it will cause discomfort when you get your electric bill. The reason is that as the pressure builds, the air will look for a way to escape.

Some of it will be pulled out through the crack under your door. However, unless your windows are 100% airtight, and many aren't, some of your cool air will slip outside through the gaps around your windows.

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2 March 2016

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