3 Ways To Accidentally Harm Your AC


Your air conditioning, just like any other part of your home, is susceptible to damage. You might think that you take good care of your air conditioning, but there are ways that you can accidentally harm your AC that you don't even realize. See if you are doing any of the following things that will damage your AC.

Keeping Your Air Vents Closed In Rooms You Don't Use

You might think that a good way to help save energy is to keep the vents closed in the rooms that you don't use in order to force the cold air to flow through the vents in the rooms that you do use. However, this can damage your AC unit. When you close the vents in different rooms, it causes pressure to increase in the vent system. This extra pressure can then slow the system down. Slowing your system down can cause less airflow over the evaporator coil, which in turn can cause it to freeze up, damaging your AC unit. 

Neglecting To Change The Filter

You may not know it, but in order for your AC unit to run properly it needs to have a clean air filter. When the filter gets too dirty, it blocks the airflow over the AC's evaporator coil. This then, in turn, causes the evaporator coil to freeze up and your air conditioner to stop working. In order to keep your AC unit from getting damaged, you should change your air filter when it gets too dirty, and you should be checking it to see how dirty it is once a month

Ignoring Small Problems 

If your air conditioner is experiencing small problems, like your air conditioner not running as well as it should or turning on and off often or making weird issues, one thing you can do to harm it is to ignore these issues. Small issues will not just go away and can turn into larger problems. Damaged or worn parts on your AC can suddenly break off or stop working, which can cause larger problems. If you notice a small problem with your AC unit, have it checked out and repaired immediately so that you won't have to replace your whole AC unit down the road. 

If your AC has been damaged, contact an HVAC repair company to have your AC fixed. After it is fixed, be sure that you aren't doing anything that will accidentally harm your AC so that it will stay running properly for a long time. 

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10 February 2016

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